“He has definitely developed a serious crush on her.”- Misha Collins on Cas & Meg [x]


They are the daughters of winter; the children of the North. Two sides of the same coin, going through one journey, taking two different roads.


»Theseus and Hercules/Stiles and Scott: Hercules is known as one of the most valiant heroes in Greek mythology. After killing his wife, Megara, and his children in a fit of rage inflicted by the goddess Hera, Hercules decides to take his own life in atonement. Many try to persuade him out of the act. Amphitryon, Hercules’ earthly father, tries to make Hercules see reason, but fails. However, when Theseus, a great friend of Hercules, reaches out and grasps Hercules’ bloodied hands, he is able to convince him. In ancient Greece, one who touched the bloodied hands of a man who committed a crime became defiled. Thus, Theseus shares in Hercules’s guilt. Convincing him through the bond they had built over years of camaraderie, Theseus says to Hercules, “Suffer and be strong.” Hercules then concedes and allows himself to be saved.

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Alex, your Misha looks amazing in a tophat


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You carry all kinds of crap you don’t have to, Dean.